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Students are responsible for their own models. Students have to notify the instructor in advance if they can’t find a model so an arrangement can be possibly made.
Students are encouraged to take photos during the course; however, video recordings are strictly prohibited during instruction.

We have the right to cancel a course, whereby a full refund will be given.

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Model Rules: Models cannot be in the beauty industry.
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Hair Styling Master Course
This one-of-a-kind two-day Bridal and Special Event Hair Styling Master Course will be a game-changer to your career as a Professional Artist. Learning how to complete the client’s look is essential for your career in the beauty industry. You will have the opportunity to be trained by me as the owner of JTorry Makeup and Hair Artistry. I will not only teach you my skills and techniques, but I will also teach you 6 different hairstyles step by step ranging from all down voluminous curls to retro glam waves and other hairstyles that are THE MOST REQUESTED!
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  • 1xHair Styling Master Course$2500

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"I took JTorry Bridal Master Hair Course in June. She went above and beyond to teach us. It didn’t feel like just two days because it was helpful, and I learned many different hairstyles. I learned about hair products and how to use them. Most of all, learning hair extensions was fun, and she took her time to teach each one of us. I think overall, it was worth it. I was in a dilemma at first to take her class because it was just two days, but as I have already work with her before, I knew in my heart it would be worth it. I must say no one will teach so much in two days like her and train you at the same time and correct you. It has been my pleasure to learn from Jenny."


"I had a huge passion for makeup. I’d never imagined how much I would love doing makeup on others until this experience. It enabled me to become more confident putting makeup on others and giving them a look that they loved! I loved how Jenny structured the course to teach the WHY behind every step and the HOW. She recommended the best products and techniques. She truly went above and beyond to explain, critique, and answer ALL questions. The academy fostered an environment where experienced and non-experienced students had the freedom to fail and make mistakes."

Jinu S.